...New Source of Lead Poisoning Identified!

(Reprinted in part from the June 1995 issue of "Refinisher's News")

Each day, children bathe in it, play in it and are washed carefully in it. yet, according to a special report on the April 19, 1995 edition of Good Morning American, porcelain bathtubs are one of the America's most unexpected sources of lead exposure for children. Lead poisoning is currently considered the number one environmental health danger for children by the Center for Disease Control.

The nationally televised report cited a study of over 600 tubs conducted by Unique Refinishers of Atlanta, GA. The study found that approximately 64 percent of tubs tested had leachable lead on the surface. The tested tubs were of varying age and came from a wide range of domestics and import companies.

Continue testing of these and other bathtubs has confirmed the presence of leachable lead in porcelain bathroom fixtures. A baby wipe rubbed on the bottom of a tub picked up over 1000 micrograms of lead. Hands rubbed along the side of a LeadCheck positive tub were shown to pick up significant amounts of lead. Bath water allowed to sit in LeadCheck positive tubs leaches lead in amounts exceeding 50 part per billion. Washcloths soaked in bath water and rubbed on the bottom of the tub concentrated significant amounts of lead.

Unique Refinishers has now surveyed more than 750 bathtubs and found that, overall, 62% of all porcelain tubs tested positive with LeadCheck Swabs. Specifically, 77% of the cast iron tubs and 25% of the steel tubs tested positive. This source of lead most likely represents a significant exposure to only very young children with their high level of hand to mouth avtivity and perpensity to "drink" the water during bath time.

What is the solution to the lead problem? Unique Refinishers has confirmed that refinishing LeadCheck positive tubs eliminates the leaching of lead by encapsulating the tub.